Wedding Fun For The Children Too!

Whilst some couples opt to have a ‘Grown-ups’ Wedding only, many Brides and Grooms relish in having the fun innocence and charm that Children bring to a Wedding.  If you are opening your invitee list to include Children, then here are some ideas to make them feel special and keep them entertained!

Popcorn Maker

Nostalgia KPM-508 Old-Fashioned Kettle Popcorn Maker

Some much emphasis is put on the Food at Weddings why not think about hiring a Standalone Old Fashion Popcorn Maker and strategically place it where the Children (and Adults) can enjoy it!  It really would add a fun element to your Wedding and the Children would love helping themselves to some fresh Popcorn!

Mini-mini Cupcakes

With Cupcakes being all the rage at Weddings, why not set aside a special batch for the Children.  Have them made in Mini Bite Sizes and incorporate fun Kid colors and designs.  Simple flavors would work well too and with the smaller sizes, there is less chance of Icing falling onto their clothes!


If you really are a fun-loving easy-go person, why not consider hiring a Children’s Entertainer to provide some fun for the kids during the Wedding Reception.  The Children will have even fonder memories of your ‘fun’ Wedding, whilst the Parents will savor those few moments of uninterrupted time to enjoy the ambiance of your Wedding.

Wedding Favor Loot Bags

In addition to the customary Wedding Favors given to your guests, provide your young attendees with a Wedding Favor Loot Bag for themselves.


Why not provide the Kids with a Disposable Camera and let them take photos of your Wedding from their vantage point!

Lawn Games

If you are having an Outdoor Wedding you could set-up some Lawn Games like Croquet, Lawn Bowls or Horseshoes  and both Adults and Children alike can have some fun!

Children are a blessing and with a little imagination they can be made to feel like a VIP at your Wedding!

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