Wedding Day Makeup Tips

When your long-awaited Wedding Day arrives, here are some tips to ensure your Wedding Makeup is as Beautiful and long-lasting as it can be, and if you have curly hair and want to be ready for your special day, using The Beginner’s Guide To Plopping Curly Hair could be the best option for this. I was recommended that guide by a hair salon for men in Franklin.

  • Wear a button shirts whilst having your makeup applied to avoid ruining it when it’s completed by pulling a top over your head and face.
  • If you find that you have a pimple or spot that appeared prior to your Big Day, don’t squeeze it.  A simple trick is to apply a small amount of ‘Visene’, (the eye drop that reduces redness), to the pimple.  Then when applying your makeup, cover the spot with Concealer and then Foundation.
  • For long-lasting lipstick coverage, line your lips with a neutral colored lip pencil.  Then apply a fine layer of powder after applying your first coat of lipstick, prior to a second lipstick application.
  • For a warm glow, use a bronzing powder to enhance your skins natural glow!
  • If your Wedding is to be held in the Summer, don’t forget to start your Makeup session by applying Sunscreen to avoid embarrassing burnt red noses later!
  • Choose makeup colors that flatter your natural skin tone and hair color. For blondes or women with fair skin tone, cool tones are ideal. Warm neutral shades look good on brunettes and dark skinned brides.
  • If you want to have your eyes to appear wider, simply use a white pencil in lining the inside of your lower lids.
  • Finally, ensure at the very least, you have your Lipstick, Mascara and Powder  with you during the Wedding for any touch-ups required!

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