Picnic Weddings!

As the Winter starts to fade and the Buds start to bloom, it’s time to start thinking about enjoying the Summer months. With that in mind, why not consider having a Picnic Wedding!

When choosing a location for your Picnic Wedding, try to find a location that has a Barn close by.  The Barn will provide a great back-up plan in case Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate and it also gives a shady, cooler spot to enjoy should it be an extremely hot day. Get shuttle services from the ideal charter bus rental Chicago to ensure everyone has fun both ways. This helps build a strong bond and build connections before reaching the venue. Check the Internet,  your Local Phone Book or liaise with your Wedding Planner to secure a great location.  Many towns and cities have Party Barns available for Rental.  Just be sure to have arrangements made and ensure the Barn is large enough to move your tables, chairs or picnic tables inside the Barn should it rain.

You have lots of options with the Picnic Wedding.  As mentioned earlier, you could use Traditional Tables and Chairs or spice it up a little and use Picnic Benches or even Picnic Blankets!

Incorporating the Outdoorsy, Picnic theme would allow endless possibilities for Wedding Favors for your Guests, but a great ‘Picnic Themed’ Favor would be the Honey Butter idea that I brought to you on a previous post!

When you are thinking about the Catering for your Picnic Wedding you can have so much fun.  How about serving the food from a Hamper Picnic Basket placed on each Guest Table.  Set up a Lemonade Stand for young and old alike to enjoy.  Possibly serve a Picnic Buffet from the back of an old Farm Pick-up Truck or Hay Tractor!

If the Wedding Reception is still going to be in full swing after dark, string clear Christmas lights around the barn or on trees.  If you have a dance floor, you can define it using hay bales around the edges.  Wedding Decorations can be fun but simple such  Mason Jars, Vases of fresh country flowers.

The Wedding Picnic certainly would be remembered for many years to come by everyone who attends!

4 thoughts on “Picnic Weddings!”

  1. This is a great idea! I love the idea of an outdoor picnic wedding. And any theme could work…you could do anything from casual and relaxed to very formal. I also really like the idea of using Christmas lights, especially the multi-coloured strands.

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