Mood Lighting For Outdoor Weddings!

If you are planning an outdoor wedding that will be held near a Swimming Pool, Pond or Water Fountain, why not place add to the Romantic Ambiance by placing floating Lights or Candles on the surface of the water.  The glow of the lights truly will add a stunning look and feel to your Wedding.  

There are so many options of Floating Solar Lights in various shapes, sizes and colors that can be used to compliment the Theme of your Wedding.

Candles positioned securely on Elegant Floating Platforms in the water bring a Beautiful and Calming touch to your Wedding.

You can also use displays of Candles in different shapes and sizes, such as mixing Pillar Candles with Votives and strategically place them around your outdoor Wedding.

The Candle Clusters can light up significant areas of your Reception, for instance close to the bar area or the entrance to the indoor section of the Wedding or the Washrooms.

Any lighting additions used be it Candlelight or other, will definitely create a Warm and Welcoming atmosphere to your Wedding!

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