Keeping Children Entertained!

Weddings wouldn’t be so memorable without the presence of the little ones.  That said however, they can easily get tired and bored at Weddings.

Below are a few ideas to keep the Kids Happy, Awake and Entertained!

Plan A Treasure Hunt: Treasure hunts are fun and exciting for both Adults and Kids alike!  Create a Fun Treasure Hunt and be sure to provide Goodies along the way.

Do Crafts: Children absolutely love Crafts!  Go to your local Craft Store and grab some fun supplies.    It’s a great way to pass time while creating a keepsake from your special Wedding Day!

Color: Coloring is always a good pass time, especially for the real little ones.  Just make sure that you use crayons or colored pencils only.  Stay away from Markers as they are messy and could easily ruin clothes!  A nice idea is to have the kids create a picture for the Bride and Groom.  The kids will  have fun creating the picture and it will be something the newlyweds will love.

Watch a Movie: Watching a Movie is a great way to keep them quiet while entertained at the same time.  Be sure to find a Movie all the children could agree on!

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