Herb Centrepieces!

For a unique Centrepiece for your Wedding Reception, why not think about using Fresh Potted Herbs!

The Fresh Herbs are an economical and practical chose that can be enjoyed and talked about by your Wedding Guests.

You could place enough smaller Pots of Herbs in the Centre of the Table that would allow each Guest to have a Pot as a part of the Wedding Favor package at the end of the Reception.

Alternatively, you could do a Traditional Wedding Game and have one lucky Guest at the Table win the Potted Herbs.  If I was doing this, then I’d opt to have multiple varieties of Herbs in one Larger Pot so that the Guest doesn’t have their hands too full when they are trying to leave the Wedding.

The Potted Herb Centrepiece is beautiful and also very Environmentally Friendly!

2 thoughts on “Herb Centrepieces!”

  1. You have some of the best ideas on this site. I love this potted herb idea. It looks so lovely in the picture. My wedding was very ho hum by comparison. The pots in the picture are silver but you could paint them any colour to go with your colour scheme. I think this is a much better idea than traditional flowers in vases. Imagine being the guest who takes them home…they would definitely keep you thinking about the wedding. Every time you used the herbs in your cooking you would think about the great time you had. Wonderful!

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