Guest Book Table Idea!

A personalized photo montage displaying pictures of the Wedding couple is a perfect way to decorate the Wedding Guest Book Table or a prominent location at the Wedding Reception.

You can create a mosaic of images to visually share your personal love story with your guests.  Be sure to include fun images of the two of you growing together!

A unique Wedding Favor/Table Number idea is to give each Guest upon arrival a double-framed photo frame and in one of the frames include a photo of the Wedding Couple.  Then in the other frame, create a label that indicates to the Guests their Table Number of Seating area!  The Guests can then replace the Table label at a later date with a picture chosen themselves – perhaps one of them attending the Wedding!

To take that idea even further, have someone snap a photo of the Guests as they receive their frames and mail the developed photo to them, along with the Thank You Cards, for the Guests to replace the Table indicator label with!


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