Fun Fall Wedding Ideas

Here are a few unique and fun ideas for Fall Weddings!

Individual Fondues: For a spectacular and delicious dessert at your Wedding Reception, serve your Guests individual Chocolate Fondues.  Serve the melted Chocolate along with in season treats such as Apple slices, as well as other delectables such as cubed Pound Cake, Strawberries, Pretzel sticks and Bananas.  Have the chocolate served in Rameskins for perfect single serving portions.

Apple Seating Cards: As Apples are in abundance during Fall, use them to add a Fall feel to your Wedding by having them hold your Seating Cards.  You can use the Apples plain and simply insert a hook in which to hold the Card, or you can decorate the Apples with Ribbons and Fall Foliage.

White and Orange Wedding Bouquet: As Fall is synonymous with Orange, incorporate the Fall festivities into your Wedding Bouquet by selecting Orange and White Flowers.  Roses come in many shades of Orange, so they are  a good choice along with the darker orange Chinese Lantern Flower!



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