Aquarium Weddings

For a truly unique and exciting Venue why not have Wedding at an Aquarium!

Guests young and old would marvel at the beautiful surroundings of the Aquarium tanks.

When planning an Aquarium Wedding be sure to keep in mind that not all Aquariums may have in-house Catering services, so you would have to plan accordingly for that.

You could then use a Nautical Theme throughout aspects of your Wedding, such as the Wedding Favors, Table Centre Pieces or Wedding Cake.

Perhaps as a Centre Piece you could have a live Goldfish swimming in a pretty Bowl on each table.

You could have the Bar Staff concoct a ‘Nautical-Named’ Cocktail to serve to Guests throughout the Wedding and Reception!

The possibilities for Nautical Themes are endless and would truly blend well with this fun and funky Aquarium Wedding Venue!

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