Fun Fondues For Your Wedding Reception

Over the past few years the Chocolate Fountain has become a elegant touch that brides are using at their Wedding Reception.  In light of it’s popularity and the fun and class it brings to the Wedding, a great alternative to have at your Wedding would be a Cheese Fondue Fountain, as shown below.

The Cheese Fondue Fountain is simple to use, simply turn on the Fountain and pour in the cheese. Then watch as delicious cheese starts to flow down the tiers of the Fountain.  The Cheese Fondue Fountain should be located so that guests have easy access to the Fountain and surrounding foods in which to drizzle and dip into the scrumptious cheese.

There is no end to the possibility of Foods that could be served.  Popular foods are Assorted Breads, Raw veggies, Meatballs, Chicken Tenders, Bread Sticks, Steak Cubes, Cocktail Weiners.  The list of choices is endless.

You could even consider having a Cheese Fondue Fountain at your Bridal Shower or Rehearsal Dinner.  The Fountain would be ideal as an Hors D’oeuvres Table at your Wedding or Shower.  Another unique wedding touch could be to have smaller, individual Fondue Pots as the Centrepiece at each of your Guest Tables and the Head Table.

I have already had my wedding, but if I was a Bride planning hers, I would definitely consider the Cheese Fondue Fountain!

Happy Wedding Planning!

6 thoughts on “Fun Fondues For Your Wedding Reception”

  1. Hey, I’ve already had my wedding(s) too but should I have another in future I think a cheese fondue fountain is an awesome idea. I find the chocolate fountains way too sweet and I think the cheese fondue fountain is a great idea for the buffet table later on in the evening.

    1. I agree with you, the Chocolate ones tend to be too sweet but the Cheese would be delicious. Hopefully one day Nathaniel and I will renew our vows and we’ll have one then for us all to share!

  2. Oh what a delicious idea!!!! I definately am going to look into a cheese fondue fountain for my next party or get together!

    1. Hi there,

      You can use a chocolate fondue pot that has become very popular in better quality housewares stores. Also do a quick internet search or check in with local caterers!!!!

      Happy Holidays!

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