Beautiful And Unique Wedding Bouquet

As you are planning your Wedding Flowers, why not consider using glamorous Orchids in your Wedding Bouquet.  Orchids are truly beautiful and come in many colors and shades.

When considering Orchids however, they are one of the more expensive flowers to use, so expect to have to increase your Floral Budget.  Also, as Orchids are a more delicate flower, they are not a good option if your Wedding and Reception are going to be held in either an extremely cold or hot location, as they will wilt in hot temperatures or freeze in the cold.

If you decided to use Orchids in your Bouquet, you could add further to the Orchid Theme and use Orchids as your centerpieces on your Wedding Reception Tables.  You could come up with a game, such as putting a winning ticket under one chair per table and the lucky winner gets to keep the Orchid as a take home reminder of your wonderful Wedding.

Talk to your Florist about Orchids if you so choose and Happy Wedding Planning!

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