Unique Wedding Favor For Your Guests!

Over the past couple of months, my husband and I have been hosting a string of Dinner Parties.  At each party we serve a French Baguette, along with Honey Butter that is homemade by my Husband.  The Honey Butter is the talk of the night and we have been asked by our Dinner Party Guests for a Jar to take home!  With that in mind, I thought that a Batch of Homemade Honey Butter, in a lovely Jar with a Beautiful Personalized Label, would make an extremely nice and personable Wedding Favor that Guests could truly enjoy.

The recipe is very simple.  Simply take a block of real butter, no margarine, cut into cubes and place in a bowl.  Then mix in between half to a full cup of fresh, unpasteurized honey.  Mixing is a little tricky.  We use a hand blender, but you do occasionally have to stop mixing and remove the butter mixture from the blender blades.  Eventually, the butter and honey will blend together.  Do a simple taste test to ensure their is enough honey flavor, then scoop into your Honey Jars.  Affix a Personalized Label and your Favor is complete.  Store in a cool location until the Wedding Day.

You can either custom order your Labels or make them yourself.  We support a local farmer whom produces and sells the Honey – something you might like to try.  The Honey Jars can be bought at any location that sells housewares.

Happy Honey Making!

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