Market Stall Flower Favors!

For a beautiful and unique Wedding Favor idea why not consider a Market Stall Flower Stand containing Fresh Flower Bunches for Guests to take home, just like the one below.

This idea really works well if you Wedding is a smaller one, as with too many Guests you’d be buying out a whole Flower shop!

Locate the Flower Stall at a convenient location so that Guests can pick a Bunch of Flowers when leaving. Ensure an announcement is made or notice placed by the Flowers to let your Guests know that the Flowers are to be enjoyed by them at the end of the Wedding.

Be sure to also have some water in the containers to prevent the Fresh Flowers from wilting or drying-out.

The Market Stall Stand of pretty and colorful flowers will add a bright and fresh vibe to your Wedding and is especially appropriate for a Spring Wedding!!

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