Wedding Cake Ideas

When you are considering your Wedding Cake options, think outside the box a bit with some of the ideas below.

Monogrammed Cake: To celebrate your union, you can have your Wedding Cake monogrammed with your initials.  To combine your names into the monogram, the first initial shown on the Cake should be the groom’s first name.  The middle and larger next initial should be that of the groom’s last name, followed by the Bride’s first name initial in the same size as the Groom’s first initial.  Be sure to use a Cursive style to display the monogram elegantly with swirls and loops that join the initials together representing the joining of your lives.

Chocolate Fountain : If you are hosting a more Glam and Fab Wedding Reception, consider adding a Chocolate Fountain alongside with your traditional cake.  Be sure to have fruit, bite-sized pieces of cake and other such items that could be dipped into the delicious chocolate.

Girlie Cake: To bring back memories of parties from your childhood, consider Individual Cupcakes rather than a whole cake.  You can incorporate your Wedding colors into the Icing, Decorations and Display of the Cupcakes.

Groom’s Cake: Go ahead, pass the responsibility of choosing a Cake to the Groom if you dare!  He could have lots of fun being creative and customizing the cake to his personality.  Think Vintage Car, Team Logos and Sports Equipment – the possibilities are endless.

There are so many Cake possibilities, so have fun creating a unique and personalized Wedding Cake for your special day!

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