Unique Save-The-Date Ideas

As you spend so much time planning your Wedding, the last thing you want is to have too many of your Guests already unavailable due to pre-existing plans.

That’s where the ‘Save-The-Date’ card is a tremendous tool when planning your Wedding. You simply mail out the ‘Save-The-Date’ to you Guests allowing plenty of time prior to the actual Wedding Date. In turn, your Guests are then able to reserve the Date of your Wedding with lots of advanced notice.

You can be very creative with your ‘Save-The-Date’ card and I’ve given you a few ideas!

Have yourself and your soon-to-be spouse take your picture together at a Photo Booth and then holding differently worded cards in each four poses as seen here.

You can take the Photo Booth strip idea a step further and make them into Bookmarks for your Guests to use and enjoy.

For the environmentally conscious couple an eco-friendly option is Greenvelope.

Another possibility is having a Printer create Movie or Show Tickets with your vital Wedding information included.

Kitchen Tea Towels are another option and a great visual reminder for your Guests!

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