Fall Wedding Favor Ideas

As Fall is fast approaching, if you are having your Wedding during this beautiful season of the year, here are some Fall inspired Wedding Favor Ideas!

* Candles make a wonderful Favor especially as the nights are growing longer.  Find Fall themed candles such as those adorned with Autumn leaves.

* As Fall is the Maple Syrup Season why not treat your Guest to a Bottle of Syrup, again decorated and accentuated with Fall Foliage.

* Assist your Wedding Guests to decorate their homes for the season by giving them mini pumpkins, or an ear of ornamental corn tied with some wheat and a pretty fall ribbon.

* Fall is certainly the season of making Preserves and Pickles, so  giving each guest a Jar of Homemade Preserves or Pickles is a beautiful idea. This works especially well if you can recruit family members and friends to assist in making the Preserves or Pickles.

The possibilities of Fall Favors are endless, especially if you decorate them with Fall Foliage!

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  1. I am looking to see if you have available the fall themed candles adorned with 2 jeweled leaves for a shower. Can you please let me know if these are available and how much each candle is for a Bridal shower. Thank you.

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