Ideas to Reduce Your Wedding Catering Bill!

by Jules on August 24, 2011

Here are some ideas and tips to help you reduce your overall Wedding Costs by reducing your Wedding Reception Catering Costs:

* Pass on Seafood which can be a very costly addition.

* Eliminate some of the choices or menu options for Guests.  Stick to Meat, Fish and Vegetarian, with only one choice in each option.

* Revisit the Traditional Expensive Wedding Cake as Dessert and introduce cheaper alternatives such as Cupcakes, Brownies and Cookies.

* Pass on genuine Champagne and opt for a good brand of Sparking Wine.

* Go Ethnic!  Foods such as Indian, Mexican or Greek can often be catered for a lower cost.

* Host a Cocktail Wedding Reception rather than a Formal Sit-down Reception.  This allows you to avoid serving a multi-Course meal and gives you options to serve cheaper Finger Foods and Appetizers.

* Glam the Greens!  A fresh, simple Green Salad is by far one of the most economical Starters you could serve.

Happy Wedding Planning!!!

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