Ideas to Reduce Your Wedding Catering Bill!

Here are some ideas and tips to help you reduce your overall Wedding Costs by reducing your Wedding Reception Catering Costs:

* Pass on Seafood which can be a very costly addition.

* Eliminate some of the choices or menu options for Guests.  Stick to Meat, Fish and Vegetarian, with only one choice in each option.

* Revisit the Traditional Expensive Wedding Cake as Dessert and introduce cheaper alternatives such as Cupcakes, Brownies and Cookies.

* Pass on genuine Champagne and opt for a good brand of Sparking Wine.

* Go Ethnic!  Foods such as Indian, Mexican or Greek can often be catered for a lower cost.

* Host a Cocktail Wedding Reception rather than a Formal Sit-down Reception.  This allows you to avoid serving a multi-Course meal and gives you options to serve cheaper Finger Foods and Appetizers.

* Glam the Greens!  A fresh, simple Green Salad is by far one of the most economical Starters you could serve.

Happy Wedding Planning!!!

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