One thing that some couples getting married don’t always think about is how to keep your kids entertained so that you can enjoy your wedding, and they can be happy too.  Your wedding day can be stressful enough without having to keep your kids focused for photographs, seeing family, being quiet during dinner, etc…  The thing that some couples forget is that kids need to be active and entertained so making them sit in a room while Mom has her makeup done and Dad is calming down with his friends isn’t always the best solution.  Here are some ideas you can use to help keep your kids entertained and happy so that family photos and wedding reception speeches aren’t interrupted.


Getting ready:


If you have a little girl/girls, one thing you can do is buy bathrobes for girls and have them pretend it’s a spa day.  Not only will it keep her happy and feeling like she is part of the wedding, but she’ll also look amazing for walking down the aisle, being the flower girl and she’ll get to show off her hair and nails to everyone at the wedding.  By treating your little girls like they are adults and letting them participate in the wedding preparations, they can feel like they are part of the day and an adult.  You’ll love that they are usually better behaved since they feel like adults and they’ll love getting to feel grown up. [More…]


Winter Wedding Ideas

by Jules on October 26, 2011

Here are a few ideas if you are planning a Winter Wedding.
  • When scouting a Venue think of some cozy options such as  Inn’s with a fireplace for warm Winter Wedding or a Historic Mansion with a Great Room and again a fireplace.
  • A distinguished Winter ice breaker is to set up a central Fondue Appetizer course at each of your tables to get your Guests talking.
  • As your Guests arrive, Offer them warm Mulled Wine or Hot Chocolate, brandy optional!
  • For a Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme, use Silvers, Ice Whites and pale Blue and use lots of twinkling candles and strands of fairy lights.
  • For a fun Centre piece place a pre-made and decorate Gingerbread House on each Guest Table.
  • You could decorate the Reception with miniature and/or life-size Christmas trees.


Fun Wedding Favor!

October 7, 2011

For a truly fun and amusing Wedding Favor why not give Guests a classic Gumball Machine pre-filled with Candy?! The mini Gumball machine favors will knock your guests’ socks off and bring out the inner child in all of them! You could personalize each machine with Gift Tag Labels, or even customize the color of […]

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Guest Book Table Idea!

October 3, 2011

A personalized photo montage displaying pictures of the Wedding couple is a perfect way to decorate the Wedding Guest Book Table or a prominent location at the Wedding Reception. You can create a mosaic of images to visually share your personal love story with your guests.  Be sure to include fun images of the two of […]

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Luggage Tag Place Card

September 27, 2011

Why not assist your Wedding Guests in finding their seats by offering Personalized Luggage Tags! The Luggage Tag makes a truly functional keepsake that would surely be used by your friends and family. You can print labels with lines for Name, Address and Phone Number onto the Card,  using the  insert that comes with the […]

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Fun Fall Wedding Ideas

September 20, 2011

Here are a few unique and fun ideas for Fall Weddings! Individual Fondues: For a spectacular and delicious dessert at your Wedding Reception, serve your Guests individual Chocolate Fondues.  Serve the melted Chocolate along with in season treats such as Apple slices, as well as other delectables such as cubed Pound Cake, Strawberries, Pretzel sticks […]

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Fun Bridal Party Gift

September 17, 2011

Here’s a hip and trendy accessory for your Bridal Party Girls, the chic and stylish Hot Hot Pink Flask! They take the traditional Hip Flask to a whole new level for the ladies with the haute pop of Hot Pink! Each Flask can be engraved to personalize for each of your Girls.  One idea is to treat your Bridal […]

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Save The Date Tips

September 13, 2011

When creating your ‘Save The Date’ cards some things to bear in mind are to be sure to include both the Bride and the Grooms names, followed by the Wedding Date and Wedding Location. If you haven’t quite secured a Wedding Venue, then simply indicate the State or Province and City or Town that the […]

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Fall Wedding Favor Ideas

August 25, 2011

As Fall is fast approaching, if you are having your Wedding during this beautiful season of the year, here are some Fall inspired Wedding Favor Ideas! * Candles make a wonderful Favor especially as the nights are growing longer.  Find Fall themed candles such as those adorned with Autumn leaves. * As Fall is the […]

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Ideas to Reduce Your Wedding Catering Bill!

August 24, 2011

Here are some ideas and tips to help you reduce your overall Wedding Costs by reducing your Wedding Reception Catering Costs: * Pass on Seafood which can be a very costly addition. * Eliminate some of the choices or menu options for Guests.  Stick to Meat, Fish and Vegetarian, with only one choice in each […]

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